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The Origin Of Mew


Mew. Many rumors and legends surround this small yet powerful pokemon. So little is known about it that many humans don't even believe it exists at all. Most assume it's only a bedtime story to reassure children that Mew will watch over them and sometimes want to play. Pokemon have their own stories as well.

However, the pokemon know better. Their stories of Mew are different. They honor Mew as a hero for without her, they would not exist. Humans owe their lives to her aswell for without her power, they would have never survived.

Let's take a trip back in time, back to before the first pokemon set foot on planet Earth.

Chapter 1: Facing Extintion.

On a far off planet, Thousands of lightyears away from Earth a small green light darted through a canyon. It had once been a path for a raging river but, the water had dried up long ago. Now, only crumbling rocks could be heard echoing instead of the once powerful flowing roar.

The light dodged a few falling boulders here and there. "I must not stop!" One boulder came barreling down and the light wasn't fast enough to dodge. Suddenly, a red blur came from out of no where and crushed the boulder, shattering it into harmless peices.

The light dimmed and Celebi smiled. "Thank you Deoxys. I didn't see that one coming." The red and green space pokemon changed back from his's attack form to his's normal form and nodded. "You are welcome Celebi. There are so few of us left, we have to watch out for one another."

The fairy pokemon agreed. "Yes, It's so sad that so many of our friends are gone." She turned her head trying not to think about it. "I'm sorry, I can't hang around. I must find Arcues!"Deoxys blinked. "I saw him earlier at the Hall of Elements. He may still be there." Celebi smiled. "Thanks again." With that she took off in the direction Deoxys had pointed to.

The Hall of Elements was a large, palace made of pearl-white marbel stone.  It was an open circle with no roof and wide open spaces for members of the council to easily come and go as they please. Arcues was standing in the center of the room. His eyes were closed as his head tilted up towards the sky. The sunlight wasn't strong enough to perice through the toxic clouds that hung overhead.

"Arcues!" The pokemon was forced out of his thoughts as Celebi zipped in. "We have a problem!" She gasped. "Calm yourself Celebi. Catch your breath then speak." He replied. It took a minute before the little sprite was able to slow her breathing. "Alright now, pelase tell me what's wrong."

Celebi pointed back to where she flew from. "The spring of life has run dry! There's only a small pool of it left!" she shouted. Zrcues's eyes grew wide. "Are you absolutely sure?" "Yes, I flew down into the spring as far as I could to check. There was nothing left except for a tiny pool near the mouth of the spring." Celebi answered.

Arcues walked over toward the center stone which was a large gemstone that contained all of Arcues's power from the elements. "I know you're tired Celebi but, I need you to gather our remaining friends together. I will hold a meeting tonight to make a decision."

"Yes sir. I'll summon them here as soon as possible." As she flew off into the sky. Arcues watched her until she disappeared then turned back to gaze at the stone. "So, the time has come."

Later that night the other gaurdains had arrived. Even the powerful Dialga and Palkia had attended. Knowing how important the spring of life is they traveled through their realms of time and space to be there.

Arcues stepped into the middle of the room. All around him he was pleased that all the guardains had showen up, save the banished one, Giratina. As he stood in front of the Great stone he called out each guardain by name.

"Dialga, Palkia, Deoxys, Celebi, Koygre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Lugia, Ho-oh, Jirachi, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf Heatran, Regigigas, Manaphy, Shaymin, Cresselia, and Darkrai." The stone began to glow and began showing an image of their planet, almost like it was a widescreen tv.

"Ten thousands years ago, this planet was thriving, everything was lush and green, food was plentiful and water flowed freely from the oceans and springs. Our kind florished thanks to it's bounty. Now, this planet's final source of life has dried up."

All those who hadn't known gasped in shock. "That's impossible!" Groudon shouted. "It's never run dry, even during the harshest drought!"

"Yes, he's right. We've never had a problem like this before." Zapdos added.

"Silence please!" Arcues stomped his foot down. Everyone fell silent. The image continued to project the history however, now the planet was beginning to look less green and more polluted. "My bretheren, we became careless. It was no one guardain's fault. The fact is, this planet can no longer support life. It is dying and there's nothing we can do to save it."

This caused an upraor until one voice called out louder then the others. "There is a way!" The guardains stopped and looked at the speaker. It was Uxie, the guardain of wisdom.

"You have the floor, Uxie, please explain." Arcues said. "Thank you." The normally quiet guradain floated to the center and created a new image on the stone.

"There is a very old story that many of you have forgotten. It's called the origin of life. It is Arcues's story. I believe even Arcues himself forgot it, am I right?" The leader nodded. "It was so long ago, I had forgotten all about it."

Uxie smiled and continued. "We, the guardains were created from a single pool of life no bigger then the one that is left in the spring."

"So, you're saying he should do that again? They'd only die with nothing to suppor them." Zapdos stated.

"Let me finish please." Uxie replied. "I propose we use it to create one more life. Give it all the powers of the elements and send it to a new world. One that still is still healthy and will support life."

This caused an upraor, the loudest one this time was Palkia. "I've created a vast realm of space in the past few eons and I have yet to come across another planet that could support life! Your idea would be the end of us Uxie!"

Some of the pokemon nodded. "You're wrong Palkia!" Celebi chimed in. The ruler of space glared at the little sprite. "What?! How dare you  speak to a guardain of higher rank like that!"

"Leave her be and let her speak." Dialga said taking a step forward. "Please Celebi, continue."

"Hmph, I should have known you would side with another time keeper." He seethed, glaring hatred at steel dragon type.

"Silence Palkia! Please Celebi, If you know something let us in on it." Arcues said.

"I have faith in Uxie's plan. If we don't try something now, the pool will dry up and we won't have any hope left to save ourselves! Please, Arcues, let's go with her plan! what other choice do we have?" Celebi finished.

Arcues nodded. "You're right Celebi. Our only other choice is death and that is not an option." He approached the stone and the image vanished. The stone itself began to glow.

"Let us begin. It will take all of us to make it work." All the guardains gathered in a circle including those that didn't have confidence in this plan.

Arcues made the first move. With his eyes glowing, he gave his call and the remaining water appeared floating before them. The other guardains followed. Each one gave it's call as both it's body and eyes began to glow with the power if it's element. The stone absorbed the energy from the guardains as it flowed into it and released the element plates.

The plates floated around the swirling water. As each guardain continued to glow and give the plates power, the plates' circle became tighter and tighter around the water, causing it to swirl and change shape. It was now forced into a swirling orb.

The faster the plates spun, the smaller the water became. It began to glow a light blue and the plates kept spinning. Finally the orb of water flashed with a blinding white light. All of the guardains were forced to shut their eyes. When the light dimmed the plates were back in the stone and a light pink egg was laying on the floor.

Arcues stepped forward and place his front foot gently on the egg. "All our hopes rest with you little one. May the spirits of all our fallen friends guide you on your journey." He stepped back and nodded over to Uxie and her sisters, Azelf and Mesprite. "As the guardains of wusdom, emotion and willpower, I leave it to you to direct this egg to a planet filled with life and Dialga?"

"Yes?" He asked stepping forward. "Please form a time barrier around this egg, keeping it alive and strong until it reaches a new world but, do not let it hatch until it arrives saftely."

"Of course." He replied as he touched the egg with the tip of his tale. He let his arura envelope the egg and stepped back once his power did it's job.

The other three took over from their. The small gemstones on their foreheads glowed as a small beam of green light shot from each one and formed a trapazoid around the egg. As they let their powers of fate aim for them, they built up enough power and shot the egg off into space like a rocket.
I'll upload the image for this story later.

This is part 1 of my contest entry for :iconthe-mew-club:

I left out some legendaries because I'm trying to pur my full idea into it while still remaining canon with the show's legends.

The legendary dogs for example, won't be created until Ho-oh revives the three pokemon when humans burn down the tower that it lives in.

I also gave the legends genders cause it makes it easier that way.

And the legendaries call themselves guardians instead of pokemon because humans gave them that name as a whole.

Also, if there are any mistakes like misspellings or typos in the chapter I'll fix it later.

Pokemon (c):iconnintendoplz:
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Starworksrly Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Where's chapter two? This is an awesome story so far please don't stop!
BrokenDeadMemories Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i cant wait for chapter 2 i love mew so i love this book especially
Thank you. I'll be working on chapter two during the week. I'll also be adding some artwork to each chapter as well once I get around to it. ^^
BrokenDeadMemories Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
awsome i cant wait i love mew so much and your story is so intresting :) any sneak peeks??
Thank you very much. ^^ Hmm, without giving too much away, Palkia is not a team player. And some of the Hoen legendaries don't get along very well.

*Goes to say more but, Mew flies over and uses her psychic power to shut her mouth.*
:iconmewpokemonplz::iconsaysplz: "I am sorry but, you must wait to see what happens. This human gets excited and likes to reveal all her secrets before it's time so, I had to step in. I hope you understand and forgive my intervention."
BrokenDeadMemories Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
no prob mew hey do you have a blue mew sister???cause i really would love to see her plz
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